Dunedin Cat Rescue is an non profit organsation whose focus is to reduce the number of stray and un-neutered cats in the Dunedin area. We deal with cats and kittens which have been abandoned or are wild but young enough to socialise and re-home. Where needed, cats go into our approved foster homes and from here we endeavor to find them responsible, loving forever homes.


Dunedin Cat Rescue see neutering domestic and stray cats as extremely important. We advise people to fix kittens as early as possible before they reach sexual maturity. There are several ways we support people to do this.

Dunedin Cat Rescue promotes all animal welfare and supports other local organisations who work towards the same goals. Please check out our wish list of things you can donate to us.

Dunedin Cat Rescue is funded by donations from Dunedin's general public, and their on going support is hugely appreciated. If you would like to become a sponsor, donate, foster or volunteer then please feel free to contact us.


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